JK ProSoft develops various software to calculate the heat load of the refrigeration system and other programs to calculate the individual components used to build up the refrigeration system. To start with few programs are available but more will be added as soon as they are finished. The software priority in development are made according to customer demand. If you have certain wishes about the next software we publish we would appreciate it if you would send us an e-mail with your ideas.

JK ProSoft develops software components in .net to handle various calculation tasks. One is for example a text box to change between measuring units in the software interface. Another is a component to calculate refrigeration properties and draw the refrigeration cycle on a Log Ph diagram and etc.

JK ProSoft makes customer made software for companies which manufacture various components to be used in refrigeration systems. These software programs are both selection software for their product range and also software to gather individual employee’s experience and knowledge into centralized software. In that way the company can assemble and store the company’s most valuable assets and be more independent on each employee’s experience and knowledge.

JK ProSoft will on this homepage make available for download some of the technical documents used to make the various software programs and other documents useful in the industrial refrigeration sector.