Changes to the contact page
In the e-mail address the @ sign has been changed to (-at-) to try to minimize the junk mail. When sending e-mails replace the (-at-) with the @ sign before sending the mail.

Changes to the web page
Some changes has been made to the web page to simplify it for the user. All software is free to download and use. The user has to send an e-mail to JKProSoft and ask for the license key and in that way JKProSoft can register the users using the software to let them know of new development on individual software.

Links added
Now we are adding some links and technical documents to links and library. More will be added as times goes by. Suggestions would be appreciated.

New freeware
Now some .net controls has been added to the .net controls. These controls are freeware and can be used freely. When you click on the picture under .net control you are downloading a zip file including the .dll and a help file. Read the help file to see how to use the control.


New web side in progress
JK ProSoft's new web page has been released. With this homepage the company has taken another direction towards selling a high quality software on the internet. In this way it is easy for customers to purchase the software. On the homepage will be access for customers of special made software to download their software and get update.

The special made software for customers are available under clients software. The user clicks on the appropriate company and enters a password to access the software available for the company.