Our product is used by refrigeration companies, contracting engineers, processing companies and universities around the world.

Refrigeration companies use the various programs to do calculations for their customers about new design or optimization on their existing system. Some of their benefit's are:

  • Shorter time from inquiry to finished solution
  • Easy to change design parameters and recalculate
  • Design process less expensive leads to less expensive total solution and more competitive company
  • Calculation not dependent on the employee handling the case
  • Experience flow from the more experienced to the less experienced employee
  • Company experience is assembled in the software and therefore loss of employee less significant
  • Fewer design fault and the same mistake not repeated

Contracting engineers use the various programs to design new refrigeration system's and estimate existing system's for their clients. Some of their benefit's are:

  • Simulate the customers plant and try out changes in the computer to find the most efficient and least expensive way
  • Find the best solution to a new refrigeration project in the shortest possible time
  • Evaluate offers from contractors and compare different solutions fast and efficiently to reach the best solution
  • Be able to advise the client and show him the result of different chooses in short time

Processing companies use the various programs to simulate their own process and investigate how changes in running conditions and other parameters affect their process. Some of their benefit's are:

  • Simulate their own equipment and see effect of changed parameters before introduce them in real situation
  • Optimize the equipment in the system to lower running cost or maximizing throughput
  • Estimate changes to system equipment to reach their goals

Universities use the programs in teaching to show students computerized design and to verify their hand made calculations. Some of their benefit's are:

  • Teach student how to verify computer calculations
  • Use computer design in teaching