JK ProSoft is a internet home page to distribute refrigeration software built on a years of experience in the refrigeration industry. Our experience is assembled into easy to use software programs to make live easier and more efficient for other design, consulting and application engineers.

Efficiency is the key factor of companies survivor today. By computerizing their design they can get more efficient and deliver results in shorter time with less effort. This reduces companies design cost, design failures and increases their competitiveness.

JK ProSoft takes pride in developing programs for the refrigeration industry. We strive to make programs with self explained interface so the users can start to use the various programs without reading the manual. This ensures that the user spends less amount of time each time learning to use the various programs.

JK ProSoft uses latest technology to make software as easy to use as possible with as many decisions as possible made by the software.

JK Prosoft makes software that can be used by developers of refrigeration systems to size and evaluate the equipment used in such systems. JK ProSoft also develops programs to calculate the load from various chilling and freezing processes. These programs can also be used by plant managers to simulate their process and optimize their own production.

JK ProSoft develops software that the user can adjust to he's need by altering the parameters the software is basing its calculations on. By this way the user can personalize the calculations to the companies experience.

JK ProSoft makes programs usable both for IP and SI units. The user can choose witch units they prefers.

JK ProSoft offers fully tested high quality software for free download. The software is tested in real situations on real everyday design tasks.

JK ProSoft makes individual high quality software components in .net to handle some specific tasks. These modules can be used by other software developers to design their own software for the refrigeration industry.